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Canadians for Equality and Peace for Palestinians
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The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ingnorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.
- Stephen Hawking

Selected Articles Concerning Palestine

Mainstream mass-media generally does a poor job of portraying the reality of the plight of the Palestinians. The following is a constantly updated selections of articles that illuminate what is often left out by the mainstream...

Israel's invasion and re-occupation

America's history as a "peace broker" - Noam Chomsky (April 11/02)

Durban Racism Conference

Branding Critics of Israeli Racism - Stephen Gowans (Sept 5, 01)

Palestinian and arab response to Mary Robinson (Sept 5, 01)

Palestinians are humans too. - Ismail Zayid (Sept. 3/01)

The Intifada

Bulldozers in Gaza - Robert Fisk (April 12, 01)

Palestinians can take whatever Israel throws at them - Charley Reese (July 11, 01)

The Reality on the Ground for Palestinians

Separate and Unequal on the West Bank - Amira Hass (Sept. 2/01)

An Israeli in Palestine - Jeff Halper (Sept. 2/01)

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Thinking ahead - Edward Said - April 4, 2002

Noam Chomsky on the Middle East 02/04/02

Noam Chomsky on the Middle East 12/14/00

Electronic Intifada

Media Monitors

Was there ever really a "peace process?"

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