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Edmonton journal:


APRIL 4/02


Racist editorial ignorant attack on Muslims

Like blaming Jews for their treatment in Nazi Germany:


Re: "Apocalyptic Creed," Journal, April 2.


I must say, I was fairly disappointed at the publication of this editorial by Southam News. The editorial reeked of racist and ignorant remarks in regards to those of the Muslim faith.


Most atrocious was the specious reasoning the author takes in regards to Muslim history. For example, the author suggests that Muslim civilizations themselves are the problem and quotes from Samuel P. Huntington's The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order: "Wherever one looks along the perimeter of Islam, Muslims have problems living peaceably with their neighbours ... The conflicts within Islam (have also been) more numerous than those in any other civilization, including tribal conflicts in Africa."


One could just as ignorantly state that Jewish peoples have historically had problems living "quietly" within a nation by citing examples of ancient Egypt, Nazi Germany, and current day Israel.


Christian populations have historically spread violence in the name of God; remember something called the Crusades? Don't these examples portray the Jewish and Christian populations as "problem" people?


Obviously, this form of reasoning is racist, ignorant and completely ludicrous.


I disagree with the owner of Southam News using his newspapers as a soapbox for spreading racial hatred and misinformation.


Chris Fahlman, Edmonton



Force has failed to end fighting


Thursday, April 04, 2002


I never thought The Journal would sink so low as to blame the recent wave of violence on Muslim civilization itself.


I don't know where Samuel P. Huntington got his information but from what I have learned, Muslim nations during the 9th and 10th centuries were very tolerant of other religions and peoples when compared to their crusading European counterparts.


But historical inaccuracies aside, I hardly think a problem as complex as the Arab-Israeli conflict can be blamed entirely on the national character of one side.


Secondly, I would like to make a point about the issue of the weapons found on the Karine A. I believe it is a safe assumption that the authors of this editorial are supportive of U.S. foreign policy; therefore, I would like to know what they think the difference is between the Iranians sending military aid to the Palestinians and the American aid of the Contras in Nicaragua.


Finally, I would like to know what the authors hope to accomplish by their suggestion in the final paragraph that supporters of Arafat be "isolated" and "beaten down militarily."


This approach has been tried since Israel was founded and we are no closer to peace than we were in 1948.


Jonathan Parent, Edmonton



Malicious editorial fuels intolerance


Thursday, April 04, 2002


It never ceases to amaze me how your paper compromises journalistic integrity by contributing to an atmosphere of intolerance and racism. The malicious Southam News editorial "Apocalyptic Creed," sums up the complex religion of Islam as one that is founded on terror and violence.


Obviously you are unaware that Islam in Arabic means "peace." However, a Muslim is still a human, and in the tradition of Western philosophy, security and freedom is to be afforded every human being. Once this is compromised, it is the natural reaction of the individual to respond to assure their security.


When you are subjected to concentration camp-like conditions, does this not make the human inclination to defend one's security more acute?


The Palestinian people have suffered the greatest tragedy of the last century and yet the world sits idly by, while editorials like this use semantics to justify the continued oppression and attempted obliteration of these innocent people.


If you could get beyond your racial intolerance and hatred for Muslims and

Arabs, you would understand this is about the loss of innocent lives both Palestinian and Israeli.


Hoda Jawad, Edmonton



A fraction of conflicts caused by Muslims


Thursday, April 04, 2002


The editorial "Apocalyptic Creed" shows a profound ignorance of history.


We can start a thousand years ago when the Crusaders repeatedly invaded the Holy Land and brought centuries of warfare.


This was followed by the Protestant-Catholic conflict when Europe was ravaged by more centuries of war.


In 1492 Columbus "discovered" America. For the next 350 years the New World witnessed genocide and slavery on a momentous scale.


In the 20th century European civilization reached the zenith of barbarism. Europe unleashed the two most deadly wars in history. On top of this there were the horrors of Stalinism. To this we can add assorted civil wars, especially in Spain, Russia and Yugoslavia.


The only civilizations that can "compete" with Europe in terms of the numbers of zeroes in the body count are other non-Muslim countries, namely China during the early years of communism and Japan after its invasion of China.


All things are relative and relative to Europeans and East Asians the Muslim world has been responsible for only a tiny fraction of this level of barbarism.


Norman Temple, Edmonton



Southam News reaches new low


Thursday, April 04, 2002


I was disgusted by the racist editorial "Apocalyptic creed."


The editorial makes hateful racist statements such as: "Why can't some Muslims agree that killing innocent non-Muslims is unacceptable?", "Part of the problem lies with Muslim civilization itself," and "But even by the barbaric standards of the Arab Middle East."


Even by the one-sided standard of the Southam newspaper chain, this is a new low.


Timothy Weis, Edmonton



Muslim terrorists want global war


Thursday, April 04, 2002


Thank you for taking a very strong stand against the culture of terrorism perpetrated by certain Muslim factions.


Although you spoke mainly of Palestinian terrorists, it is my contention that the war in Israel, along with the heinous crimes of Sept. 11, is finally cementing public awareness to the hatred and violence in the hearts of these terrorists, who will stop at nothing to kill every infidel in their path.


The factions in Palestine, and those involved with bin Laden, are all connected, if not physically, then ideologically.


This web of Muslim terrorists is worldwide. They are faceless, fearless and full of hatred for Israel, the United States and all those who are the allies of these countries.


Make no mistake, we are on the brink of a world war, one like no other in history. Israel may be able, as you say, to beat down Arafat's terrorism, but what of the countless other terrorist cells and factions spread throughout the world who are willing to sacrifice their lives for their cause?


What of the one or many who will detonate a nuclear device? Nothing will ever appease them. They are waging jihad in the name of Allah and the only appeasement that will come will be death to as many infidels as possible.


Louise Price, Edmonton


APRIL 5/02


Helping hate spread


Friday, April 05, 2002


People working at The Journal -- how did you feel about your jobs when you noticed that you were helping to distribute anti-Muslim hate literature on Tuesday?


Help! Edmonton needs a decent newspaper! When I looked at the paper Tuesday, I felt ill that I was actually paying some gazillionaire to let me in on his "hate of the week" by delivering anti-Arab propaganda to my door.


I would like nothing more than to cancel my subscription but then I'd be stuck with The Sun's blatant, right-wing, semi-literate, frat-boy rant.


Why doesn't "freedom of the press" include some sort of choice for people who need news?


Peggy Kemp, Edmonton



Widening the gulf


Friday, April 05, 2002


I am deeply appalled and saddened by the comments made by the author of this article; not only were they one-sided and uninformative, they only work at increasing the misunderstanding between Western society and Islamic society.


Gale Seifeddine, Edmonton



Unfair judgment


Friday, April 05, 2002


I was very disappointed to read this extremely negative and one-sided Southam News editorial in The Journal against Muslims.


I would hope that as a credible news source for the country, Southam has the sense and responsibility to know that a community and religion should not be judged by the actions of a few individuals.


Don't forget there are over a billion Muslims around the world-- most of them are peaceful and live in harmony. But this type of editorial is what we have come to expect from the small-minded and biased Southam News.


Al Amiri, Edmonton



The death of credible journalism

Editorial promotes hatred of Muslims


Friday, April 05, 2002


Re: "Apocalyptic creed," Opinion, April 2.


Credible journalism is based on research, information and the impartial narration of the them. Credible journalism shies away from inciting hate and simply states facts. Credible journalism shows all sides of the issue, based in truth, leaving the public to formulate its own opinion.


Credible journalism does not allow the publishers of a paper to dictate editorials, articles and opinion based on personal hatreds and biases.


The Southam News editorial is the antithesis of credible journalism.


The anti-Muslim contents of that editorial are coloured by bias and made to incite hatred in a time when understanding and peace should be foremost in our minds.


Pathetically, it is not even the local editor's choice in what goes in The Journal as an editorial regarding issues in the Middle East, but that of the "headquarters"of CanWest. If editors want to keep their jobs these days, I guess they have to give up credible journalism. How sad.


Nora Abou-Absi, Edmonton



Death exploited


Friday, April 05, 2002


How a newspaper can think it is acceptable to print something that demonizes an entire group of people is beyond me. Phrases such as "the barbaric standards of the Arab Middle East" and "Muslims have problems living peaceably with their neighbours," have no place in a respectable Canadian newspaper.


It is completely disturbing that the editorial saw no shame in exploiting Muhammad al-Dura's death, by saying such things as "he has become the centrepiece of a Palestinian Authority propaganda campaign."


It is even more disturbing that the article suggested that "he was likely killed by Palestinians, perhaps deliberately" when even the Israeli Defence Forces have admitted their role in the death.


The accusations against Palestinian ambulances flies in the face of a March 14 report issued by the Israeli Human Rights group B'Tselem, that has reported that on-duty Palestinian medical personnel have been killed and wounded, and that the Israeli Defence Forces have fired at ambulances and prevented medical treatment to the sick and wounded, leaving people to bleed to death.


It is disgraceful that CanWest would use its media monopoly to stir up hatred towards a group of people. I think the majority of Arabs and Muslims would agree that an apology is necessary.


Heidi Elmoazzen, Edmonton



Dictatorial policies


Friday, April 05, 2002


After 22 years of readership I have decided because of the biased ranting of "Izzy" Asper and his trained seals to cancel my subscription. Until the new owner commenced his dictatorial editorial policies I was completely happy with your newspaper.


All factions of the political spectrum were represented in an even-handed way.


Roy Dunlop, Edmonton



Disgusted, hurt


Friday, April 05, 2002


I was horrified to read the editorial "Apocalyptic creed." The Edmonton Journal will no longer have my support. The Middle Eastern Arab community of Edmonton is disgusted and hurt.


L.M. Chaaban, Edmonton



Don't blame religion


Friday, April 05, 2002


How dare you paint a whole race, a whole religion, with one brush. The problem in the Middle East is not between religions; it is strictly political, blamed on religion by ignorant people.


As the son of a Jewish father and one whose family lives in Israel, I too dream of the day that my family can live in peace in Israel.


What will you support next? A cleansing of the Muslim nation around the world?


Iman Rahmim, Edmonton



Hate literature


Friday, April 05, 2002


I must have missed the day Southam News became the mouthpiece for slander and racism. The editorial fails to mention that there have been over 1,000 Palestinian deaths, not to mention countless injuries, summary detentions, house demolitions, humiliating checkpoints, uprooting of trees, illegal settlements and assassinations during 34 years of an illegal military occupation.


Southam papers should apologize to Muslims and Arabs for this inflammatory editorial and refrain from printing such hate literature in future editions.


Howaida Hassan, Edmonton