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Please write your own letter.  Be firm but POLITE.  Some important points to consider are:


·        The editorial fails to mention over 1,000 Palestinian deaths, injuries, summary detentions, house demolitions, humiliating checkpoints, uprooting of trees, illegal settlements, assassinations, and the brutality of living under 34 years of an illegal military occupation.


·        Statements such as "But even by the barbaric standards of the Arab Middle East..." clearly paints all Arabs with the same brush and elicits hatred and racial slander.


·        Other slanderous statements include:

o       ‘Why can't some Muslims agree that killing innocent non-Muslims is unacceptable?"’

o       ‘Part of the problem lies with Muslim civilization itself’,

          which would be unacceptable if they were made about any other ethnic group in the world.

Moreover, they are typical of the rhetoric that is emerging from troubled area.  Such comments are not only unacceptable, but incite hatred and further dehumanizing stereotypes at a time when rational thought is needed more than ever.




Southam Head Office


Edmonton Journal